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Meet the Quattrones

Heres an idea to consider next Christmas, thanks to the Quattrone family. Instead of buying gifts that will be taken back to the store or forgotten in a month or so, they decided last Christmas to pool their gift money together and invest it with the intention of using any gains for a family activity (in their case, a trip to Italy together).
Their timing was great. They put their $700 into several brand-name U.S. companies at pretty near the bottom of the bear market and ended up with nearly $5,000 in The Family Fund. Now they are on their way to Italy.
The Quattrone family is continuing the Family Fund this year. Updates will be posted to a blog. As notedon the blog, they had a recent meeting and decided to invest more heavily in Intel. They also “like Motorola below $10 with the success of the Droid product.” They also like healthcare staffing and healthcare market research, areas they think will benefit from U.S. health-care reform.
If the fund does well again, they plan to donate a portion of the gains to a charitable cause. One idea was to give money to a family that couldn’t afford to buy Christmas gifts.