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Mecca for value investors

If you are into value investing andserious about learning more, you might want to consider enrolling in the value-investing seminar offered June 15-19 by Professor George Athanassakos. It is held at the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing at the University of Western Ontario, and is open to students, finance professionals, and individual investors.
Professor Athanassakos has emerged as a leading authority on value investing. The websitefor the Ben Graham Centre for Value Investing has a list of his publications, as well as other resources for value investors such as bibliographies of books, academic research, and a collection of Ben Grahams writings.
Bob MacKenzie, a financial advisor, attended the seminar last year — the first time that it was open to individual investors. Although requiring a lot of work, it was worth it to learn how to value a business in a rigorous manner under the direction of an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher, he says. A main takeaway for him was to invest in companies trading at least a third below net asset value and with a catalyston the horizon to spark a revaluation.
Registration deadline for the seminar is May 15, 2009.But you might have to sell one of your Berkshire Hathaway Class B shares to attend: Mr. MacKenzie says he paid $3,000 (C$). By the way, alumni of the seminar have set up their own discussion forum at Its not overly active at the moment but perhaps that will change as more persons take the course.
Here is a picture of ProfessorAthanassakos with Warren Buffett.