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McDonald's and Ronald McDonald House

Today, I went to McDonald’sto try the coffee. It’s the first time I’ve been in years and, in addition to being pleasantly surprised by how good the coffee is, I was also impressed by the in-store communication of their 10% Happy Meal donation program.

According to what I read, McDonald’s contributes 10% of the price of every Happy Meal to Ronald McDonald House Charities. The impressive thing about the communication is that while it’s literally impossible to miss it also feels genuine and authentic.
Over the last few years in Canada, there’s been lots of debate over what constitutes appropriate social purpose communication. Corporations want to get their message out but fear the backlash of being seen to be self-serving.

I wonder whether this concern is valid or just an excuse not to take action?

While you need to look hard to find out what most corporations are doing in the community, McDonald’s is unabashed about telling its story to its customers. I think there’s a lesson to be learned from what they’re doing.