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Mad-money picks

Using the TFSA as a place to dabble with ones mad money may not be such a bad thing after all, judging from the comments section to my previous post. So lets go with the flow and ruminate on a few investing ideas for the Jesse-Livermore types (hey, Ive done some plunging in my time, too).
One avenue for the aggressive investor is penny stocks, or the juniors. At least they are straightforward vehicles compared to commodity futures, stock options, and triple-leveraged exchange-traded funds.
And their time may have come. The best time to speculate in high flyers is when stock markets are rallying out of a bearish phase, as could be happening now — or should be happening within the next year or so. Theyre still beaten up, yet a rising tide will lift all boats (except for my Nortel stock, of course). And many of these little boats will really fly with a good tailwind (but can also sink when they spring a leak need I mention Nortel again?).
There is a front-page column by Dave Skarica in the latest issue of the Investors Digest of Canadawith many small-cap suggestions, mostly junior mining operations that possess ounces in the ground in reserves and are in, or going into, production. Picking at random from the article, three of the recommendations were (do your own due diligence first, of course):
Paramount Gold and Silver Aberdeen International Silverstone Resources
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