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Lord, how bizarre!

Move over, Illuminati -- Foundation X has arrived to save the U.K.'s economy.

Please forgive me if this turns out to be an early April Fools Day Prank.

Earlier this week in the British House of Lords, Lord James (a corporate expert at money laundering) stood up and announced that he had been secretly in contact with a mysterious organization he called Foundation X, an organization that has come forward offering to inject billions of dollars into the failing British economy. In Lord James’ own words,

“Foundation X is saying at this moment that it is prepared to put up the entire 5 billion the British Government can have the entire independent management and control of itFoundation X does not want anything to do with it; there will be no interest charged; and, by the way, if the British Government would like it as well, if it will help, the foundation will be prepared to put up money for funding hospitals, schools, the building of Crossrail immediately with 17 billion transfer by Christmas, if requested, and all these other things.

“These things can be done, if wished, but a senior member of the Government has to accept the invitation to a phone call to the chairman of Foundation Xand then we can get into business.”

View the Lord James rambling speech, especially his theories on the how much gold has actually been mined since the universe was created.

No one has knows what to make of all this, other than to put it down to traditional English upper class eccentricity. Since Lord James is so earnest and is not prone to out-of-body experiences until now, can this be real? And who could Foundation X be and what is the source of its extraordinarily great wealth? Benevolent English aristocrats willing to liquidate ancestral wealth to keep the green and pleasant land from going under? The Knights Templar? Elton Johns business manager?

All I can say is that I hope Foundation X will give me a call and offer to pay my increasingly gruesome Visa bill.

And speaking of mysteries (via Boing-Boing), check out this spy t-shirt from ThinkGeek. If you guessed that a hidden camera is aimed through the lens on the T- shirt, just smile and say cheese!
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