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Leveraging Parternships with NGOs

As I’ve written about before, I think partnerships with NGOs are the foundation of corporate community programs. However, these key relationships often involve significant quantitative investment but have largely qualitative benefits/outcomes that are typically difficult to benchmark and leverage.
While there’s no magic bullet to this, we’ve recently developed a new management tool to help corporations determine the value of major partnerships with community organizations. We’ll be presenting this tool along with related case studies in an “Impaktworkshop” I’ll be doing with Jon Packer, President of The Idea Workshop. Jon has a an unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that face corporations in effectively communicating their community investment programs and we’ve developed these workshops to help corporations improve the cost/benefit of their more important relationships with non-profits.
The next two workshops will take place in Toronto on September 25th and Vancouver on October 23rd.
For more information visit Impaktworkshopor contact me directly if youre interested in knowing more about the Impakt Partnership Valuation Tool.