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Killing your business in seven easy steps

Here’s a refreshingly honest postfrom FreshBook’s Mike McDerment about all the mistakes he’s almost made with his Software-as-a-Service business. Read between the lines and you’ll glimpsethe pressures faced by innovative entrepreneurs.
Some nuggets:

Ive learned to spend 80% of my time thinking about what not to do, instead of all of my time thinking about what we can do.

And my favourite…

Now please dont get me wrong – theres still plenty of time for me to kill FreshBooks.

Self-deprecation aside, it certainly seems like he has his head on straight.
(I wroteabout the company in the June 18, 2007 issue of Canadian Business, and Rick Spence also took a lookat the company a few months prior to that in CB’s sister publication, PROFITmagazine.)