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Just stay positive

Unlike his American counterpart, who doesn’t havetoo many positive things to say about his country’s economy, Stephen Harper will deliver a speech to the Brampton Board of Trade today that will explain just how great Canada’s economy is compared to other struggling nations.
According to Harper’s spokesman (via the Canadian Press), the PM will say that “the global economy is suffering what may be the worst combination of bad news since the 1930s yet Canada has, in relative terms, been immune from some of the worst aspects of this. And those elements of our economy that are being hit, are being hit to a lesser degree than other countries.”
While it’s true that many financial experts say Canada is better off, it might be tough to explain that to the 129,000 peoplewho were fired from their jobs in January. And, it might be even more challenging for him to convince the residents of Brampton a city located in southern Ontario, the heart of car country that they’re going to be OK.