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Jeff Gordon takes car salesman on nightmare test drive for Pepsi Max

NASCAR legend goes undercover for latest prank

Jeff Gordon is a three-time Daytona 500 winner and four-time series champion NASCAR driver. Even people who have never watched a NASCAR race know his name and probably some other guy named Dale. But not today. Today, Gordon is just a minivan-driving everyday dude named Mike who’s interested in test driving a Camaro, even though it’s probably “way too much car” for him. Friendly car salesman Steve offers some light-hearted encouragement… and then has the living #!@% scared out of him.

This is the latest celebrity prank video from Pepsi Max and by the looks of its Youtube views—more than 1.8 million in just a day—the brand has another hit on its hands. Last May, Pepsi Max disguised Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving as a pot-bellied grey-beard named “Uncle Drew,” set him loose on unsuspecting streetball players and collected more than 20 million views online.

One look at the comments and it’s clear some people think this is a fake stunt, but does it really matter? As brands scramble to create content that people will actively want to watch, Pepsi has once again delivered the goods. Maybe next time they can actually film pro boxer Curtis Woodhouse showing up at the homes of Twitter trolls.