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Investor 500 Turnaround

In April of last year, we cut the 2009 Canadian Business Investor 500. At that time, the largest 500 companies on Canadian stock exchanges were worth a total of $1.15 trillion in market capitalization and had an average one-year total share loss of 32.8%. A company needed about $94 million in market cap to be on the list and Royal Bank, the largest member had a market cap of $54.1 billion.
Recently we ran our 500 based on thelargest companies by market cap and their one-year share returns at Dec. 31, 2009. What a difference! The entry level market cap almost doubled to $171 million and the average one-year share return jumped to 124.5%. Here are some basic comparisons.
December 2009 April 2009
Average 1-yr. return 124.5% (32.8%)
Median 1-yr. return 63.6% (36.3%)
Total Market Cap $1.56 tril. $1.15 tril
Cos. with positive returns 457 51
Entry level market cap $171 mil $94 mil
Again as a service to readers, email me at receive the entire list of 500 companies at Dec. 31, 2009 with: one-year returns, dividend yields, stock symbols and prices, market caps, revenues, PE ratios and industry.