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Iggy waits to bring down Harper

If you were wondering when you might have to leave the cottage to come into the city to vote in a federal election, you’re not any closer to finding out. Michael Ignatieff’s big announcementon whether or not he’ll support the government’s economic update turned out to be more of a maybe than a definitive no.
And that was to be expected. Ignatieff has put Harper in a precarious position he’s demanded that the PM make some changes to the economic update while also warning the public to expect an election sooner than later, especially if the prime minister doesn’t capitulate to the Liberals’ plans. (He has repeatedly said that he doesn’t want to call an election, so he throws the ball in Harper’s court and can blame it on him when the Liberal leader will, ultimately, send Canadians to the polls.)
The main areas Ignatieff wants changes in won’t be surprising to anyone following his rhetoric since he officially took over as leader of the opposition. He wants significant EI reform, a plan outlining how he country will get out of deficit, more details on infrastructure spending and how Harper will deal with the isotope crisis.
Considering Harper has refused to make meaningful changes to EI, it’ll be interesting to see if he backs down from his previous statements or if he goes to the polls. To me it sounds as if Ignatieff is ready; he’s just counting down the days until he can make a run a the PM.