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Iggy to talk economy on Monday

Well, the government didn’t fall, but that doesn’t mean Michael Ignatieff isn’t going to start campaigning it is only a matter of time until the opposition parties pull the plug on the Conservatives. On Monday, the Liberal leader will be speaking to guests at the Toronto Board of Trade. The topic? Canada’s economic future. According to his people it’s going to be a “major” speech. I’m hopeful that he’ll lay out some sort of economic plan, but until an election is actually called I doubt he’ll say anything earth shattering.
I’m not sure what Ignatieff will say maybe he’ll slam the Tories’ EI reforms, talk about trade with China but he’ll likely largely stay away from anything controversial. With support for his party falling the most recent Ekos poll has the Conservatives with 35.1% of the vote to the Liberals’ 29.9% he can’t afford to make any remarks that will raise the ire of Canadians. There will be no big Green Shift-like pronouncements and there’s no way he’ll explain how exactly he’s going to get this country out of a deficit.
But, considering Iggy has barely said anything when it comes to the economy, even a small morsel of policy-related news is welcomed. Whatever he says might give some insight into his future plans, which is a must for him, as more people seem to be regaining their confidence in Harper’s economic management.