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Humour sells history for Hockey Hall of Fame

Taxi Toronto's hilarious ads find the fun in broken dreams.

Hockey fans are just starting to delve into the annual obsession that is the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs. In many households, all else in life disappears beneath a veil of fantasy pools, draft beer, chicken wings and unironic lumberjack facial hair.

Taxi Toronto and the Hockey Hall of Fame are using a bit of nostalgia and the hilarity of broken dreams to sell hockey’s history. The spots, directed by David Hicks, chronicle the early on-ice success and ultimate downfall of Jimmie, Oliver and Robbie. If you can’t laugh heartily at the failure of others, what can you laugh at, right?

It’s not the first time the Hall’s hit comedy gold with its ads, but these will definitely hit home with many armchair heroes over the next few months.