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HST protest

Ontario residents dont seem to realize how much a tax burden the Harmonized Sales Tax will impose on them, says BillKent of Ottawa. It appears they arent aware of how many consumer products will end up costing them an extra 8%.
The list of consumer goods and services complied by the Canadian Taxpayers Federationincludes:
gasoline; diesel; propane; home heating fuel; home electricity; natural gas; home TV service; home internet service; home phone service; cell phone charges; hair cuts; lawyers fees; accountants fees; mechanics fees; ballet lessons; rink rental fees; tailoring; magazine subscriptions; mutual fund fees; massage; chiropractic; audiology; train fares; plane fares; taxi fares; bus fares; vitamins; dry-cleaning; grass cutting; snow removal; camping fees; firewood; meals under $4; new homes over $500,000; gym fees; home renovation labour; and real Christmas trees.
Mr. Kent thinks that if Ontario residents sat down and estimated the cost of another 8% on their expenditures, they might be rather shocked. Take just the things that consumers regularly buy on the above list. Then add up the 8% levy on each. It comes to $2,000 to $2,500 per year for the average family, according to calculations provided by Mr.Kent.
Mr. Kent and his wife, Sue, have been sending emails on the HST to friends and clients. The response has been overwhelming. I am getting 8 to 10 responses daily from people all over Ontario protesting the HST Ive saved over 300 responses sent to me alone, reports Mrs. Kent.
It appears someone else has been getting a lot HST email too. The Premiere’s email system has shut down three times so far with the mail storm that is happening, adds Mrs. Kent.