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HR: Gateway to Better Corporate Responsibility

The article in Saturday’s Globe and Mailabout business schools introducing oaths of ethical conduct for MBA graduates is worth reading. (Here’s a link to MBA oaths from Harvard, Telfer School of Managements, and Richard Ivey School of Business: Sampling of Oaths.)
I support these student-sponsored initiatives and also have a practical suggestion for ensuring that employees of corporations, governments, and non-profits act more responsibly: get HR onside.
HR executives and managers have control over six opportunities to really entrench CSR at an operational level: job descriptions, recruitment, on-boarding, training, performance evaluation and compensation, exit interviews.
If corporate responsibility was integrated in each of these areas it would go a long way to ensuring that people who take MBA oaths actually live up to what they’ve promised,
Plus, because these are all ongoing initiatives, integrating CSR could be done for viryually no incremental cost!