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How to Improve Partnerships with NGOs

Today, more than ever, community investment partnerships need to have measurable business impact. However, many community investment and marketing managers are unable to answer the following fundamental questions: Why are we investing in this particular organization? What is the value to our business? What would be the downside of not partnering with them? In what ways are we able to measure business outcomes as needed to be accountable to our executives? What can be done to add more value and improve performance?
On May 26, Impaktwill be hosting apractical and interactive half-day workshop thats been designed specifically to help community investment managers improve the business impact of their partnerships with non-profit organizations. I’ll be facilitating the workshop along with my colleague Jon Packer, President of the Idea Workshop.
One of the key benefits of this session is how the Impact Valuation Toolcan be used to improve reputation, increase differentiation and lift sales
All the details are available on the Impakt Learning Page.