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Hockey Eh!!

Canadian Businesshas come out with its third annual Hockey’s Most and Least Valuablelist. As far as we know this is the only website on the planet that analyzes which players give the most bang for the bucks they are paid. How would you like to earn $6,375 for every minute on the ice? Thoms Vanek, a Buffalo Sabres left winger does and got paid $200,000 for every goal he scored in the 2008-09 season. Dany Heatley of the Ottawa Senators got $121,951 for every game played and Heatley received $178,862 of his $10,000,000 salary to sit in the penalty box. Zdeno Chara of Boston and Sidney Crosby of Pittsburgh each got paid just shy of $150,000 to warm the bench. However, Crosby was paid a meagre $87,279 per point scored while Heatley and Chara were paid $138,889 and $150,000 per point respectively. Kris Versteeg of Chicago came in last at $9,245 for each of his 53 points. Imagine making this kind of money for playing a game.
If you like hockey, you’ll like the marriage of statistics and salaries on this site. It will certainly make you want to ask for a raise. If you like baseballor golf, try the links shown here, we’ve married up salaries and statistics for these sports too.