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Hassles sending money orders

A lady tells me she twice tried to send money orders by mail to China only to end up with frustrating experiences each time. Thinking she could save the $11 or so charged to send registered mail, she sent the orders by unregistered mail. Sure enough, both times they failed to reach their destination after two months of waiting. Canada Post blames the Chinese postal system and the Chinese system blames the Canadian.

She went to her bank to have the cheques traced and cancelled. The first time, which was last year, things went quickly and there was no charge — except for $7 to place a new money order. The second time, just this month, she was told there would be a $40 charge to search for the missing cheques, on top of the $7 to place a new money order. Reluctantly, she agreed.

After ten days had passed without word from her bank (as promised) she called and was told it was taking longer due to a high volume of requests. She also learned from another branch that there would be no charge if she was willing to wait 90 days. But who wants to wait that long for their signed cheque when the amount is for several thousand dollars? One would be worrying all that time that someone other than the intended recipient would cash it.