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Greenspan: E-mail Shows Livent Controller "Caught in a Web of Lies"

Edward Greenspan wrapped up his cross-examination of Chris Craib today trying to convince the judge overseeing the fraud trial of his client Garth Drabinsky that just about everything the former Livent controller testified to was a lie.
And not just any lie, but a carefully crafted pack of lies concocted with Maria Messina, Livents former chief financial officer, in an effort to frame Drabinsky and co-defendant Myron Gottlieb, for the alleged massive fraud that ultimately destroyed the theatre company.
For four days, Greenspan peppered Craib with a series of blistering questions about his account of a key April 24, 1998 meeting where the chartered accountant says he witnessed Drabinsky and Gordon Eckstein, Livents former vice-president of finance and administration, allegedly openly discussing a plan to manipulate the companys first quarter financial results. Its a meeting that Greenspan insists never occurred.
Craib originally told investigators and regulators that the meeting occurred at 2 p.m. But Greenspan contends that Drabinsky could not have attended a meeting at that time since he was in Washington attending a lunch with then-U.S. president Bill Clinton.
On Dec. 19, 2001, Craib sent an e-mail to Messina asking if she had access to any information that would support his testimony that Drabinsky had attended the 2 p.m. meeting. In the e-mail, which Greenspan read aloud in court, Craib asks if there are corporate records showing when Livents corporate jet landed; when Drabinsky cleared Canadian customs; or the driving records for [Ian] Sheppard, Drabinskys personal chauffer; or receipts from the Highway 407 Express Toll Road. The message shows that Craib was trying to ascertain whether other evidence would contradict his story about the 2 p.m. meeting, Greenspan said.
I’m going to suggest to you that this e-mail shows one thing: that you were working with Ms. Messina to find out if you will be trapped by objective evidence if you stick with your April 24 story, Greenspan said. Isn’t that what this is about?
No, Craib replied.
Craib said he did not recall writing the e-mail, nor did he remember what Messina responded. He wrote the e-mail around the time he was being questioned as part of a civil lawsuit launched by Drabinsky and Gottlieb. Lawyers for the founders had pressed him for details on his recollection of the timing of the meeting.
Youre asking for evidence to support your story, Greenspan said.
Im asking if I had the time right or wrong, Craib replied.
Craib insists that he did in fact attend that fateful meeting with Drabinsky and Eckstein, although he concedes that his estimate of the time the meeting started was wrong.
You have become concerned because you have been caught in a web of your own lies, Greenspan said.
Flight records of Livents corporate jet show Drabinsky left Toronto to fly to Washington at 10:57 a.m. The flight returned at 3:30 p.m. and received telephone clearance from Canadian customs at 3:35 p.m. Drabinsky exited the plane shortly thereafter and left the airport in his limo sometime between 3:45 and 3:50. As a result, Drabinsky would not have been in the Livents downtown Toronto offices until at least 4:45 p.m., Greenspan said.
Those records, which prosecutors are not disputing, flies in the face of Craibs previous testimony about the timing of the meeting, Greenspan said.
Im going to suggest to you that makes you a liar about the meeting with Garth Drabinsky, Greenspan said.
Or my recollection is confused as to the events, Craib replied.
When, when did you have this meeting? At midnight? Greenspan shot back.
No, the meeting was not in the dark, he replied.
Im going to suggest to you that the only person who is in the dark is you, Greenspan shot back.
Tomorrow Craib will face questions from Brian Greenspan, the lawyer representing Myron Gottlieb.