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Gears of War 3: more character and more women

Today’s post is for all you video gamers out there. I had the opportunity yesterday to sit down with Rod Fergusson, executive producer for Epic Games, to chat about Gears of War 3, the sci-fi shooter due out on Sept. 20. It’s sure to be one of the hottest games for the Xbox 360 this holiday season. For fans of online multiplayer action, a preview beta version will be released on April 18 as part of the “epic edition” of Bulletstorm. The full public beta will be available for download as of April 25.

Along with seemingly everyone else who writes about video games in this country, I got to try out the multiplayer last night and it’s pretty clear the third installment of the game will be pretty cool. Here’s a trailer from back when the game was scheduled to release this month.

I did my best to stay away from hardcore gamer questions so Fergusson and I instead talked about larger issues, like the pressures of designing a game for the crowded holiday season, the inclusion of women in the franchise and why most movies based on video games suck. I thought our conversation was pretty enlightening so even if you’re not a gamer, check it out.

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