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FUBAR's Terry and Dean give'r for Hughes Car Wash

Fictional metalheads star in local Edmonton car wash ad.

It was probably inevitable. Two Canadian cult heroes cash in their cultural cache for the filthy lucre of advertising. It happened before, it can happen again. Of course, we’re not sure how much a beat-up Ford Tempo and a local car wash can sully Terry and Deaner’s image.

The stars of 2002’s FUBAR and 2010’s FUBAR 2: Balls to the Wall, played by Paul Spence and David Lawrence, look right at home at Edmonton’s Hughes Car Wash. The only thing missing here are some empty cans of Old Style. It’s an inspired move by a local brand and actually a surprise the two haven’t popped up in any Canadiana ad campaigns until now. Perhaps this is only the beginning. Just don’t ask them to market camping equipment.