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Forget your deodorant? Check the office fridge . . . and other tips for surviving beauty emergencies at work

For all those female businesswomen out there who are unaware of the multitude of everyday office things that can do double-duty.

(Photo: Joerg Steffens)

When you’re hiking in the remote backwoods and get bitten by a snake, and foolishly forgot your snake-bite-kit at home, you hope there’s someone who knows how to suck the poison out before you die.  It’s not ideal,  but it will do for now.

Similarly, when you forget your blush at home, but have after-work drinks plan with that tall guy you met last Saturday, you hope there’s something, anything, that will make you look rosy and fertile, instead of like you’ve been stuck in a cubicle staring at a screen writing blog posts all day.

For all those female businesswomen out there who are unaware of the multitude of everyday office things that can do double-duty to help them out in sticky situations, we’re here to help:

I can see myself in your forehead

T-Zone shine? No problem. In a pinch just use those waxy-toilet seat covers to mattify your face. They’ll keep your makeup intact and are essentially the same stuff they use in blotting paper kits you’re paying the big bucks for.

 Looking Pale

But you don’t have any blush on you? No worries, just grab the pinkest lipstick you can find and rub it in a circular motion on your cheeks.

Chipped French Manicure

Grab some Wite-out and dap it on the chipped nail.

Popped a Button

This will work for a skirt or pants (as long as they’re not denim). Take a paper clip and insert it in the two holes and then twist it until it’s secure. A safety pin will work even better.

After-work date

But forgot your eyeliner at home? Have no fear. Just light a match and blow it out before it burns you. Flick off the orange part and use the  charred wooden stick as you would use kohl eyeliner. Seriously. It will look cool, smoky, edgy and sexy. FYI: in the age before cell phones, you could do the same to write your number down on a piece of paper if there was no pen available.

Sweaty Shoe

If it’s a pump, stick a sanitary pad in there. This also works as a temporary insole if the shoe is a bit loose.

Flyaway Hair

Use a dab of hand cream to smooth it.


Did you try to break in your purple clogs today? Well if you did, you’re sure to get a blister or two. Too bad you didn’t bother to bring Band-Aids. In a pinch, cover the blister with tape. Duct tape is best, but heck, if clear scotch tape is all that’s available, use it.

Black Eye

From your mascara, that is. If you didn’t bring eye-make-up remover to work (and who does?) but started crying or the day was humid, wash it off using a bit of hand soap on a paper towel and a lot of water.  You can avoid messing up the rest of your makeup by not splashing the rest of your face with water, but by dabbing gently with the paper towel.  Now that your lashes look limp and bare, fix it by applying clear lip gloss on them or, even better, Vaseline. Just rub some clear, shiny stuff between your fingers, and then coat your eyelashes with it gently. It will add some colour and volume.

You Smell

You ran out the door without deodorant and it’s a hot day. Oops. Raid the fridge in your office, if it has one, to see if by chance there’s a box of baking soda in there.  Often there will be, since it cuts down on fridge odors from having 15 people constantly forgetting their tuna sandwiches. Now steal the baking soda, go to the bathroom, remove your top, and sprinkle some on your underarms.  Et, Voila.