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Financial crisis humour

Times are getting grim with the U.S. financial crisis worsening almost every day. But some financial bloggers are not letting it get in the way of a good chuckle.
Canadian Personal Financedid a blog round-up in which he noted Michael James on Moneywrote a post about Understanding the Current Financial Mess. ObservedCanadian Personal Finance: At first I thought he was writing about my finances, but then I found out it was a Big Picture story. Canadian Personal Finance, poor chap, works for Nortel Networks (now facing a debt downgrade and downward spiral in its shares).
Michael James on Money wrote back in the comments section giving thanks for the link. Then he asked tongue-in-cheek: Any ideas how we could create some bad debt for the US government to buy from us at inflated prices to get our slice of the $700 billion? Canadian Capitalistchimed in: I dont want to appear greedy. Ill accept a low, low, $7 million for some bad debt.