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Ferris Bueller drives a Honda for the Super Bowl

Eighties movie icon Matthew Broderick shills for the CR-V at the big game.

It all started with a 10-second teaser. Soon, the Internet filled with rumours, just as a fictional Chicago high school filled with speculation on Bueller’s original illness back in 1986.

But autoblog Jalopnik posted the full video, killing any hopes of a sequel but revealing it’s all for Honda’s Super Bowl ad, directed by none other than The Hangover‘s Todd Phillips. Nods to the original film galore (Honda says there’s more than two dozen)—singing in a parade, a museum visit, the Detroit Red Wings sweater, the valet. … Despite being almost 26 years older, Broderick still manages to pull off some charmingly youthful middle-aged mischief. So choice.

It’s going to be a tough one to top. Maybe next year it’ll be a greying Breakfast Club meeting at the DMV?