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Federal expenditures on science and technology...

The current edition of Canadian Business Magazine has a feature titled The Power of Innovation with a ranking showing that we are number 7 out of 25 in 2007 when compared to the worlds largest economies. (See rankings at This remains unchanged from 2006. So how much money has the federal government spent to enable us to cheer Were number 7? The table below taken from a Statistics Canada report summarizes federal expenditures by region on science and technology. For fiscal 2004/2005, a total of $8.156 billion or $252 per person was spent in Canada. This is up over 34% from 2000/2001. In addition, about $24 per person or $779 million was sent to foreign entities or could not be geographically identified. Due to the location of the Capital Region, Ontario and to a much lesser extent Quebec, receive most of the benefit of the money spent there.

Source: Statistics Canada Service Bulletin Science Statistics Catalogue 88-001-XIE/ISSN1209-1278