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ESPN teams with Michael Jordan for new commercial

It's just not the Michael Jordan you were expecting.

Most of us share a name with someone. It’s likely someone you’ve never met or heard about. Years ago, you’d never know about these people. But thanks to the miracle of social media, your other namesakes are now just a few clicks away. Someone with your exact name could be an accountant in Topeka, a teacher in Boston or a fertilizer salesman in Red Deer. Or even a German artist.

But ever wonder what it’s like to share a name with a famous person? Movies and TV have taught us it can often lead to confusion or rage. For the latest ad in its “It’s not crazy, it’s sports” campaign, ESPN offers a glimpse into the life of Michael Jordan. Not the retired, greatest of all time NBA star, though. Another Michael Jordan. One that’s constantly faced with the immediate disappointment of strangers.

It’s a great spot that perfectly delivers the insight that, yes, sports fans can be a bit nuts. So next time you meet LeBron James, try to act happy to see him.