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Emerging markets a growth trap?

Despite their fantastic recent growth record, investors need to be very cautious about emerging markets, says chief investment officer Eric Bushell in CI Funds latest Perspective Online. Their growth momentum is posed to decelerate due to high commodity prices and slippage in export growth as developed economies slow down.
But it wont be bad news across the board for emerging countries. The emerging market universe will split into the haves and have nots, claims Bushell, with the dividing line being current account positions. Those countries with good surpluses and foreign-currency reserves, like China, will continue to enjoy access to access to capital while those with deficits, such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Eastern Europe, will face more difficult adjustments.
Bushell thinks the impending global growth scare will “quell the inflationary storm. But if governments in emerging countries find inflation fighting unpalatable, growth may maintain momentum longer and deliver a boomerang back to the U.S. in the form of greater inflationary pressures. The implication from Bushnells commentary in Perspective Onlinewould seem to be that the world could face an unpleasant choice between hyperinflation and a 1982-1983 style deep recession to bring inflation under control.