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Elop 'accidentally' reveals Nokia's first Windows phone

But are video and photos a real web scoop or too-obvious PR stunt?

This isn’t the Nokia Sea Ray, but this Nokia Oyj N9 smartphone revealed at CommunicAsia2011 in Singapore, June 21, 2011 is said to be nearly identical (Photo: Bloomberg/Getty)

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop made a presentation recently and decided to unveil something “super confidential” enough that he asked the crowd of attendees to put away their cameras and other recording devices. The oh-so secret material? Apparently, it’s Nokia’s first Windows phone, codenamed “Sea Ray.”

Engadget has a few photos of the phone and the video above makes it clear that everyone didn’t heed the Canadian-born executive’s request. But it’s hardly a hidden spy-cam, looking more like someone sitting in the third row holding the camera high above everyone’s head. Which prompts the question, is this really an accidental reveal or just a less than subtle PR move to help build some hype for the struggling mobile giant’s new products?

Either way, as Tom Watson’s recent CB profile of Elop makes clear, the once mighty Finnish firm needs all the hype it can get to regain its place atop the mobile phone food chain.