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The CB Elevator Pitch: Get more women on corporate boards

One in five corporate board seats is now occupied by a woman, but there’s plenty of work to do

In this edition of the CB Elevator Pitch, editor James Cowan argues that companies need to work harder to recruit women for boards of directors. Though Canada’s boards on average recently surpassed 20% female representation, there’s still plenty of work to do. Here’s what executive editor Carol Toller recently wrote of the one-in-five milestone:

Why do the numbers matter? Because a growing body of research shows that diverse boards perform better, including financially. Not everyone agrees that quotas are the best way to achieve diversity, but most business leaders agree that more female representation is needed. A federal advisory group has set a target for Corporate Canada of 30% by the end of the decade. Canadian companies even have a new resource to turn to in their quest for female candidates: a recruiting firm launched last year by Pamela Jeffery, founder of the Women’s Executive Network.