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I just received a notice about from the The Living Education Instituteabout a free EcoLeadership “Lunch and Learn” session in Toronto.
According to the Institute, the session’s primary goal is to focus leaders to be able to think independently, to think environmentally, and to understand their own leadership style. Overall, the session aims to: – Connect environment to social and economic issues – Explore strategies for thinking environmentally – Assist individuals to put in perspective how environmental issues affect them – Benefit employees on professional and personal levels by engaging with strategies that they can put into practice in their everyday lives with how they connect with others
The session will be facilitated by David A. Berger, a professor at York University, founder and a director of the Living Education Institute, and the author of “Living Education: The Power of the Circle.” The National Post called him “A modern-day Socrates!”
For more information, contact The Living Education Institute at 416.694.8444