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Drabinsky Final Argument - 5: The Accounting Five

Every good scandal needs a catchy short-hand phrase to sum up either the heros or the villans. Twenty pages into the final argument we have that: “The Accounting Five,” is the catch-phrase Eddie Greenspan dubs members of the accounting department that testified against Drabinsky and Gottlieb. The five are: Maria Messina, Chris Craib, Grant Malcolm, Diane Winkfein and Tony Fiorino.
It has a nice ring to it. But will it evoke visions of heros or villans for Justice Mary Lou Benotto, who will be reading these arguments over Christmas. Will she think of the Keating Five — the five US Senators (including the recent US Presidential Candidate John McCain) who tried to get US financial regulators off the back of Charles Keating. Keating was eventually found guilty of fraud. Or will she think of the Hollywood 10, the screenwriters who stood up against the bullying Joseph McCarthy during his communist witchhunt?