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Drabinsky Final Argument - 24: Diane Winkfein and the Paula Adler Story

It is not surprising that Diane Winkfein gets 12 pages of discussion in the final summary. Winkfein worked for Drabinsky since 1975 starting at his law firm, moving to Cineplex Odeon with the impressario and finally working for him at Livent.
And while Winkfein did not have regular contact, with Drabinsky or Gottlieb, what little she did was dramatic. Winkfein testified prior to the interview of a new accountant at the company, Drabinsky mentioned that Paula Adler – an accountant Drabinsky was interviewing would not be involved in the accounting manipulations of the company’s financial statements. During the trial, Greenspan grilled the controller for hours about the story.
The Paula Adler story cannot be believed since Winkfein only recalled it at the preliminary hearing for the trial and not during any of her previous interviews by cops, regulators or lawyers involved in the numerous Livent civil suits.