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Drabinsky Final Argument - 23: Grant Malcolm - Liar, Liar

Grant Malcolm gets a mere seven pages of discussion in the Drabinsky final submission – most of which are devoted to illustrating instances in his testimony where he “lied.” One of those “lies” relates to the amount of co-operation Malcolm received from LeDonne Wilner, one of Livent’s advertising suppliers in the scheme that saw Livent cancel millions of dollars in billings for one year and shift those bills to the next in an effort to improve the company’s bottom line – at least temporarily.
The other “lie,” relates to whether or not Malcolm asked for any extra benefit to participate in the fraudulent scheme. He told lawyers in one of the Livent civil cases that he never had, but it turns out that the in Feb 1998, Malcolm had in fact sent Eckstein a letter asking for a better job and a raise.
There is no discussion of Malcolm’s testimony that Gottlieb had told him that he shouldn’t worry about Livent’s accounting “baggage” when day-to-day managment of the company was turned over the new managers brought in by Michael Ovitz.