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Drabinsky Final Argument - 14: Eckstein the Clock-throwing Bully

Clear examples of Eckstein’s lies were brought out in the course of cross examination, the defence argues:
Eckstein denied throwing a clock at Messina; he denied buying her flowers in an attempt to pursue a romantic relationship and denied repeatedly changing the tickets she received for Livent staff events to ensure that she sat next to him.
Eckstein also denied making derogatory and homophobic remarks about Chris Craib and tried to have the accountant fired in May 1998. Craib so feared Eckstein’s attempts to drive him from the company that he consulted an employment lawyer.
“Eckstein’s combination of abuse and cajoling led the accounting staff to suspend their better judgment and accept eckstein;s notion of “normal,” the defence argues. “Likewise, Ecstein could tell Drabinsky and Gottlieb anything about how the accounting department worked and they could have no reason to question him. Ecksteing was the conduit. He controlled and manipulated information both ways.”
Okay, but where is the evidence for that? There was plenty of evidence that Eckstein bullied his staff into believing whatever he said. But I don’t remember any evidence that he bullied Drabinsky and Gottlieb in the same way. I don’t remember any smoking gun memos where Eckstein explained how it was proper to bury millions in advertising expenses into the company’s construction accounts.