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Drabinsky Final Argument - 13: Drabinsky's "Mistress" Redux

“Very few opportunities were missed by Eckstein at trial to take personal shots at Drabinsky, including characterizing Drabinsky’s friend, Karen Poppell as his “mistress” even though Drabinsky was separated from his wife.”
Has the defence been paying attention to the prosecution’s case? Maybe not, in it’s final submission, the Crown included a 10-page handwritten letter from Drabinsky to Poppell that indicated she was much more than a “friend.” If the contents of the letter are to be believed, Poppell was indeed in a deep and extramarital relationship with Drabinsky prior to him leaving his wife. According to the letter, the fact that Drabinsky had not left his wife was a source of much friction in their relationship. That, and the fact that Poppell refused to read Drabinsky’s book.