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Drabinsky Final Argument - 12: The Unsavory Gordon Eckstein

The one witness the defence must utterly destroy is Gordon Eckstein. He was in charge of Livent’s accounting almost from the beginning and testified that Drabinsky and Gottlieb were well aware of all of the accounting manipulations he ordered staff to implement. The defence is pulling no punches in its final argument.
“Eckstein came to Livent with a warped sense of what constituted normal or acceptable accounting practices… Eckstein arrived at Livent corrupted.”
“Eckstein lacked competency… and had a poor grasp ob basic accounting concepts.”
“Incompetent and corrupt, Eckstein was aptly described as the Teflon Man.”
“Eckstein exhibited a strong streak of irrational behavior.”
“Eckstein is central to the Crown’s case and the most unsavory witness that testified at trial.”
“The record shows his tendency to lie, to make false accusations, to overstate his evidence, to change his testimony at a whim… to make speeches, to not answer the question asked, to show disrespect to the Court, obfustifcate responsibility and to be combative with defence counsel.”