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Drabinsky Final Argument - 10: Messina 2.95 million reasons to lie?

The fact that Messina and Eckstein have pled guilty to criminal charges in the US (Eckstein has also pled guilty to charges in Canada) show that their testimony cannot be trusted, the defence argues. After all, those plea bargains give them every incentive to lie and continue their frame up of Drabinsky and Gottlieb.
“Eckstein and Messina have not been sentenced,” the defence argues. If they provide ‘substantial assistance’ in the prosection (ie, lie) they will not face any jail time for their crimes.
Messina has even more reasons to lie – $2.95 million reasons. That’s the amount of money she has been paid over the past decade working for Livent, the receiver handling the Livent bankruptcy as well as Stikeman Elliot, the lawfirm currently working on a $100 million civil suit againt Drabinsky and Gottlieb and a $450 million lawsuit against Deloitte and Touche – Livent’s old auditors and the firm Messina used to work for prior to joining Livent.