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Dove uses criminal sketch artist for a lesson in self-image

Dove's Real Beauty's latest installment.


Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty has been going on for years and Ogilvy Toronto has often been at its forefront. The agency’s latest work is perhaps one if its most inventive since the ground-breaking Evolution in 2006. Here, the agency hired criminal sketch artist Gil Zamora to draw a handful of women both as they described themselves and how a stranger described them. The results are pretty remarkable.

Looks of shock, relief and concern cross the women’s faces as they see the two very different versions of themselves hanging side by side. In addition to the above mini-doc, the brand posted individual videos for each of the women. It’s a great experiment in self-image and a peek into the differences between a mirror and the rest of the world. Of course, as Adfreak points out, that hasn’t stopped more than a few commenters from questioning the agency’s choice of too many skinny white chicks.

So yeah, the lesson here is you’re probably better looking than you think. And criminal sketch artists don’t do smiles.