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Do you need divorce insurance?

Now there is divorce insurance.U.S. insurer SafeGuard Guaranty Corp. recently began offering what it claims is the worlds first divorce-insurance product. The benefits help defray costs such as legal bills and setting up new accommodations.
To determine premiums and benefits, the company went through the stats to see who is likely to get divorced. SafeGuard’s websitehas a questionnaire that claims to be able to predict within a 13% margin of error if your marriage is headed for the rocks.
Visitors can take the questionnaire to see what their risk of divorce by clicking on the button labeled Divorce Probability Indicator. Time required is about 2-3 minutes.
To prevent people who know they are heading for a breakup from taking out policies, there is an initial 48-month period when benefits cannot be claimed. Several articles have looked at this insurance product, including one in the New York Times.
Risk factors in questionnaire:
Past Marriages? Race Employment Family Income Age Religion Importance of Religion Education Family Marriage History Had Forced Premarital Sex Geography How often argue Drug & Alcohol use Depression or Mental Illness History Children @ Marriage Age Difference Race Difference Cohabitation History Timing of 1st Birth Child Parity @ Marriage