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Derek Foster's fourth book

I was in the library getting some books to read for my kids and noticed Derek Fosters new book on the Express shelf (7-day loan with $2 per day overdue fine). Curious, I added this fourth book from Canadas Youngest Retiree to the stack of childrens books and checked themout.
So Derek was on the come back trail after all. Frankly, I was thinking afterjettisoning his dividend stock portfolio at the bottom of the bear market, he would go onto other things — like some of those things on his list of things to do while retired (p. 12-13 of his first book), like:
Learn a musical instrument Bungee jump Scuba dive a wreck Go hang gliding Bike across Canada Go to a nude beach Do Reserves basic training
But no, hes back writing books.
It took me a little over an hour to read through it (the pages are small, so they get turned quickly). As Canadian Capitalist says in his Nov. 15 review, it follows more the standard format for a personal finance book. But there basically isnt anything new. Pretty well everything (and much more) is available in other books or online and at no charge.