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CSR and Employment Criteria

On Tuesday evening, I heard first hand from a group of marketing students about the value they place on corporate responsibility when deciding where to work. A few times a year, Dr. Tony Fattal invites me to do a guest lecture for his social marketing course at York University’s Atkinson College. Tony’s course is part of Atkinson’s innovative Experiential Educationprogram that combines theory and coursework with practical, hands on experience. On Tuesday, we asked Tony’s students to rank the factors that would most influence their decision to work for one company over another (all other factors being equal). Here’s what we heard: 1. Money + Fit with Personal Interests 2. Flexible Work/Life Balance 3. Supportive Culture + Social Respect, Culture, Social Purpose, and Community Support 4. Reputation/Position in Industy Category + Location + Belief in Products and Services 5. Security + Global Company that respects child labour practices + No Cruelty to Animals. While the findings are from scientific, the responses align with more accurate research that points to the growing importance of the social aspects and implications of work. (see other postings) (Tony is also the authour of the highly-regarded book Managing a Successful Business in Canada that “offers valuable insights into building a business to surpass and outlast the competition.”)