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Could someone please explain the Kia ads?

Maybe it’s my new vegan diet that’s heavy on brain-shrinking tofu or perhaps I recently suffered head trauma while sleeping. For whatever reason, I just don’t get the Kia Forte ads. Publicis created them. Check them out:
Bee Keeping
Aside from the fact they’re totally lame, they don’t give people one solid reason for wanting a Forte. It’s not as though the car doesn’t have attractive features. Got kids? The Forte has one of the roomiest interiors in its class. Like music? You can plug your iPod into the 4-speaker sound system–or if you’re old school, rock the CD player. The car also gets a respectable 34 miles per gallon in the city and 49 mpg on the highway. I’m no gearhead, but a 156 horsepower engine sounds pretty good for $16K.
Now some of you may be thinking, you can’t do much more than build awareness with a 15-second ad. Well, I would run a 30-second ad instead. I called Kia Canada to find out how the ads have done. A spokesperson wrote in an e-mail: “Our latest Thats my Forte TV spot is generating a significant amount of consumer interest based on the number of unique visitors to the Forte micro site ( the additional traffic at Kia dealerships. The upcoming Thats My Forte give-away contest is sure to add to the excitement and momentum of this campaign.” I wonder how much more interest there’d be with better ads.