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Corporate Responsibility and Recruitment

Here are some highlights from 2006 research by Cone Inc. about how corporate community/cause initiatives influence people Millennials (people 13 to 25).
Methodology: An on line survey of 1,800 respondents that captured the opinions, perceptions and beliefs of 3 segments: Teens (13-17), College (18-22), and Young Adults (23-25).
Key Findings about Employment (of the 28% who described themselves as full-time employees): 80% want to work for a company that cares about how it contributes to society 64% say their companys social/environmental activities make them feel loyal to that company 56% would refuse to work for an irresponsible corporation 42% describe their ideal work environment as a place that will help them make the world a better place, outranking all other factors, including high salary (41%) and flexible hours (48%)
For me, these findings spark some important questions for managers of CSR, HR, and communications:
How much do you know about the social and environmental priorities of potential employees? To what degree does your CSR program reflect these priorities?
Does your evaluation of candidates include an assessment of their interest and ability to contribute to its social purpose?
What is your company doing to make the experience of working there more meaningful to younger people? (e.g. participation in environmental committees and programs)
How prominently do your companys recruitment communications profile its commitment to corporate responsibility and the ways in which employees are involved?
Do you know if your competitors are using their corporate responsibility initiatives to differentiate themselves in the minds of potential employees?