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Corporate Philanthropy "Quick Tips"

Yesterday was International Corporate Philanthropy Day. According to the U.S.-based Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy(CECP) the day is intended to celebrate corporate philanthropy while raising awareness of the “benefits of corporate community investment” and encouraging the business community to invest further in philanthropy.
Based on its research in this area CECP provides the following “quick tips” to help guide decision-making in corporate philanthropy.

  • A great opportunity to engage senior-level management is during a strategic review (which can include establishing a signature campaign or determining grants for specific focus areas). Creating a senior executive committee can increase executive involvement and understanding of your program and ensure further commitment to your success.
  • Ask the following questions when conducting a strategic review of your giving department: Does our giving strategy suit our company today (e.g. values, assets, culture)? Does it take advantage of our capabilities? Could we be doing more in terms of both social and business impact?”
  • Review your strengths for untapped resources. For some companies, a volunteer-aligned strategy taps the strengths of a wide-ranging local store/office base. For others, a deep-rooted international presence allows companies to build an international giving strategy relatively efficiently.
  • Developing a compelling giving strategy that generates positive publicity and pursues impactful signature philanthropic initiatives can prove immensely helpful in unifying and preserving a company culture that has thousands of employees and multiple business units scattered around the world.

I found this to be a useful list.