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Christmas gift giving

A neighbour mentioned the other day that he ordered his daughter a Christmas gift from an online store. He was getting nervous because the delivery was behind schedule. I may have to give her a picture of the gift on Christmas Day and say: Here, honey, this is what Im going to get you, he said with a chuckle.
That was a few days back and I think my neighbour did get the package in time to put it under the Christmas tree. But his story got methinking.
It may be somewhat tongue-in-cheek to suggest this, but what if we gave pictures of gifts on Christmas Day? Then we wouldnt have to go out into the crowded stores and purchase over-priced merchandise. We could instead buy the gifts when they are marked down 10% to 40% in post-Christmas sales. Or leisurely in January when the crowds have cleared up.
Another thing: by giving pictures, you can avoid trips back to the store to return unwanted items. The recipient can look at the picture and say: Oh, I can hardly wait to get this! or Oh no, Im allergic to cashmere! So you go buy the gifts they can hardly wait to get, and get something else if they dont like whats in the picture.
Such a scheme might fit peoples schedules better. What actually got me giving more than a passing thought about pictures of gifts was my own situation. December has been a very busy month, so it was hard to find the time to get out into the stores.
I did manage to pick up a few gifts and my wife came to the rescue with others. So I wont be resorting to handing out pictures. And I definitely wont be resorting to what a certain nameless relative often does to economize on his time and costs.
He looks around his house for something that doesnt have too many scratches or marks on it, wraps it up and voila no shopping trip and no cost!
But sometimes they forget the item was a gift that you gave to them. Yes, it actually did happen: one year I opened a gift from him and, lo and behold, it was the same thing I had given him a year or two before. Even a picture would have been nicer!