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Chart: The amount we spend on booze, by province

Alberta spends the least and Newfoundland spends the most, but not all is as it seems.

Statistics Canada provides data to show the dollars spent by each person 15 years old or over on alcohol by province. To make it more interesting, we established the per capita income for everyone 15 or over from FP Canadian Demographics and determined what percentage of this income went to beer, wine and spirits. This ranged from 1.42% in Alberta to 3.09% in Newfoundland. Ontario came in second lowest at 1.55% and the Yukon second highest at 3.06%. This does not mean that Newfoundlanders drink a lot more than people in other provinces. A combination of a lower per capita income and higher booze prices (a case of 24 bottles of Molson Canadian is 24% more expensive in Newfoundland than Ontario) combine to help create the higher percentages even if volumes were exactly the same.