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CEOs say most important economic issue is...

Looks like I’m not the only onewho thinks there are more important economic issues than employment insurance for Harper and Ignatieff to deal with. A Canadian Business CEO pollwent online today and revealed that only 14% of those surveyed feel EI reform is a “very important” issue.
The most pressing matter, according to 112 Canadian CEOs, is Canada-U.S. trade relations 60% of respondents put that on the top of their list.
The next two most important topics, wrote CBupfront editor Alex Mlynek, is “managing the economy until recovery from the global recession sets in (59%), and by making sure spending and taxation are kept under control once that recovery is underway (47%).”
So, not to keep harping(or is it Harpering… badum-ching!) on it, but why is our PM willing to go to war over employment insurance, especially when there are plenty of other more pressing issues at hand?
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