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Central-vacuum odyssey finally over!

Whew! I just purchased the central vacuum thats been on my shopping list for the longest time. Sure feels good to cross that one off.
The tipping point was a visit to the website of the Vac Canada storein Kitchener, which sells the Cana-Vac brand. Until the end of October, they are offering $100 off units, no HST, free shipping and the convenience of buying over the phone or Internet. The site also had videos explaining the features of models and a Q&A call-in line, which nicely filled in the gaps of my existing knowledge.
Until I visited the website, I had been thinking of trying to arrange a group buythrough some discussion forums. But the local Cana-Vac dealer was still going to apply the tax, so the volume discount didnt offer much more in the way of savings. And I wouldhave had the hassles of organizing thegroup buy andmaking longish treks to the local store (time savings of an hour or two, equivalent to another $100 to $200).
Why go with Cana-Vac? An engineer friend first opened my eyes to the brand when he bought the 399LS model last winter. He does his due diligence, so that predisposed me toward Cana-Vac. Further reading also confirmed the story.
For one thing, Cana-Vac has better quality motors, from what I understand. Suction power is among the best. And the motors on the 399L and 399LS last longer thanks to features such as no plastic parts and fewer revolutions per second. Indeed, the warranties on the motor and electrical parts are among the best, running from 10 to 15 years.
The canister is all metal and has a lifetime warranty. There is a self-cleaning filter(no maintenance or replacement required). The unit can be used with or without bags (starter bagsincluded free). The accessory tool kit included an adjustable-height power nozzle and hardwood floor brush, good for a house with a mixture of Berber, standard carpets and hardwood floors . These accessories came with a 3 year warranty.
Now, lets move on to Item #76 on that list of things to do.