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Cause Marketing Runs the Gamut

Yesterday I decided to write down everything I came across that had to do with cause-marketing. What I found ran the gamut from inspiring to somewhat misleading and made me think how ubiquitous this area is becoming, how hard it is to stand for something and how hard it is to stand out. See what you think:
Russian model Natalia Vodianova heads-up the Naked Heart Foundationthat helps “to provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to play for every child living in urban Russia.” (Really quite inspiring)
The New View Campaign– an initiative that was formed in 2000 “to challenge the distorted and oversimplified messages about sexuality that the pharmaceutical industry relies on to sell its new drugs.” (A Michael Moore-esque advocacy campaign)
A full page fundraising ad in the Globe and Mailfor the United Way of Greater Toronto. (An intentionally disturbing full page image – one wonders who’s paying for all these ads)
A TD Friends of the Environmentt-shirt worn by a skater at our local skating rink. (Nice to see that the grassroots intent of this initiative is actually seen at a local level)
A message on a Tampax carton about Protecting You. Protecting Futures– a HERO Partnership. Interestingly, the link provided ( goes to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s web site that appears to be one of P&G‘s corporate partners but doesn’t reference the HEROS Partnership at all. (P&G would benefit by bringing more clarity and authenticity to this program).
Perhaps I’ll try this once a month just to see what comes up.