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Canadian Stage offers you a job with Mark Rothko for "Red"

Ad campaign puts viewers inside legendary artist's studio to promote new stage production.

Thanks to the rise of web video, we’ve become accustomed to seeing trailers for non-video entertainment like books and plays. This new campaign by Toronto agency Zulu Alpha Kilo for Canadian Stage takes things to the next level, allowing viewers to step inside a stage character’s world, with a little help of a webcam.

Through the site, you can join artist Mark Rothko in his studio and see what it’s like getting bossed around by a famous artist. Hey, if you’re going to be insulted and degraded for money, it might as well be at the hands of a genius, right? That said, it’s not the real Rothko—in case you were artfully unaware or just insanely gullible—he died in 1970. But in this stage production of Red, the artist is convincingly played by veteran Canadian actor Jim Mezon.

Red is playing at Toronto’s Bluma Appel Theatre from Nov. 19 to Dec. 17. After Toronto, it will head to the Vancouver Playhouse and the Citadel Theatre in Edmonton.